The debate about the controversial use of agent orange by the americans in vietnam war

Submit Replacing a communist dictatorship with a capitalist dictatorship does not constitute a just war. Between andthe U. Ho Chi Minh City, once the capital of the U. But he is not happy to see Monsanto continually increasing its reach in his country, with little consequence for its actions.

Agent Orange was a herbicide mixture used by the U.

Vietnam War Draft

Yes, it's true that the American soldiers who fought here decades ago are still hated in many parts of Vietnam. Special Forces base on June 28,in Luoi, Vietnam. Two houses down, Tan has distended eyes that bubble from his face. I could sort of understand, then, when my guide at the Cu Chi Tunnels made off-color comments about Americans; when he made fun of our fat asses as we tried to climb down into the tiny tunnel entrances.

Indeed, Monsanto has provided funds to the Vietnam Red Crosswhich keeps count of the number of victims of Agent Orange, now at an estimated 3 million. The organization was one of a handful of companies that supplied the U.

Agent Orange

According to a WikiLeaks cable, in September U. But this Americanization and what it ushers in, including the expansion of companies like biotech giant Monsanto, risks burying the history of Agent Orange that is alleged to have resulted in the deaths and injuries of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese.

Here live three generations affected by Agent Orange: On the other hand, being confronted by something bad that your country did in the past and then being asked to feel guilty about it… that is something else entirely. Sign up for our email newsletter. But that was the only lawsuit Vietnam has ever brought against Monsanto and other chemical companies.

The focus on improving economic relations is also part of a campaign by the U. And why are Vietnam and its farmers so welcoming of the Agent Orange maker which has continued to deny responsibility for the deaths of so many?

The people of this country realize that not all Americans are evil, and are able to differentiate between me a tourist interested in learning about their country and the American government that sent boys with guns here 40 years ago.

Herbicides, including Agent Orange, had been stored at this former airstrip and the land was highly contaminated. As late as Junedebate continued over whether so-called "Blue Water Navy" veterans those who served aboard deep-sea vessels during the Vietnam War should receive the same Agent Orange-related benefits as other veterans who served on the ground or on inland waterways.

After all, I would probably feel the same way if the roles had been reversed and it was MY country being invaded and bombed and poisoned like Vietnam was. Agent Orange was sprayed at up to 20 times the concentration the manufacturers recommended for killing plants. Have you been to any of these sites?

Now we have finally reached shore. Dioxin accumulates in fatty tissue in the bodies of fish, birds and other animals.

Developing fetuses are particularly sensitive to dioxin, which is also linked to miscarriages, spina bifida and other problems with fetal brain and nervous system development.

Supreme Court confirmed the settlement in For many people in Vietnam, it is still very fresh in their minds. Supreme Court confirmed the settlement in Behind the locked door is an iridescent wall of the mutated and misshapen, hundreds of bell jars and vacuum-sealed bottles in which human foetuses float in formaldehyde.

In almost all instances measured dioxin levels were below Government of Vietnam threshold standards. The dioxin contaminant however continues to have harmful impact today. Especially at a place like this, where the war is discussed every day. Agent Orange was the most widely used herbicide in Vietnam, and the most potent.

Demonstrating with his words how they worked. They developed drug addictions. It defoliated millions of acres of forests and farmland.The decision of the U.S. to conduct Vietnam as a police action rather than making the case for war was wrong, however, the threat of militaristic communism by North Vietnam deserved a military response and the U.S.

was right to fight that war. Aug 30,  · During the Vietnam War, the U.S.

55 Years After Agent Orange Was Used In Vietnam, One Of Its Creators Is Thriving Here

military stored more than four million of gallons of herbicides, including Agent Orange, at the military base that is now a domestic and military airbase. The Vietnam War and Agent Orange - The Vietnam War was between Capitalist United states and Communist North Vietnamese; the war began in and ended in The US joined the war to stop the spreading of communism.

As anti-Vietnam War protests increased remarkably in the United States during late s, the draft apparently became a target of many criticism.

Inmany students illegally burnt their draft cards. Just saying the name Agent Orange gets the attention of every Vietnam veteran, and I dare say most of the Australian and American public, not to mention the Vietnamese.

It has been argued about, written about, researched and debated, published in magazines and newspapers, talked about on. By the time the war finally ended inmore than 10% of Vietnam had been intensively sprayed with 72 million litres of chemicals, of which 66% was Agent Orange, laced with its super-strain of.

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The debate about the controversial use of agent orange by the americans in vietnam war
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