Essay should english be official language of us

This may sound a bit trite, but this is at the heart of a lot of the intractable problems we are facing as a country. Learning a language is already hard enough, a person cannot learn a language over night.

The United States has several problems but you would not think English is one of them.

Should English be Official Language of US

In Iceland, the government established the Islensk Malstod, a national institute that considers and crafts the new words needed to sustain a language that has changed little in nearly 1, years. English and English First.

Not knowing English in a country that uses the language alot is crucial for the life of an individual who doesn't know how to speak English.

Debate: English as US official language

Learning another language is not prohibited and yes is very beneficial, but having a single official language which is English, is more beneficial because it will unite the whole country. Hispanic population constitutes the ninth largest economy in the world, larger than Brazil, Spain or Mexico!

History Although not often acknowledged, the United States has a history of multilingualism. It also restricts the government's ability to communicate with all its citizens and prevents many from voting, thereby going against the principle of a democracy, the very essence and foundation this country was built upon.

The Official Language of the United States and its Impact on the Translation Industry

As has been mentioned previously, the ramifications of such an action are great and would affect all types of communication and government procedures. Our shared values, not our uniqueness, is what makes us Americans.

Should English Be Our Official Language?

The same thing as how other people learn the official language of country they choose to live on. Tagalog is the fourth most spoken language in the United States. Foreign language skills should be fostered and taught in addition to the English language.

Learning English is less of a concern for them, what's more important is finding shelter, food, jobs, basics that a person needs to survive. America is the most multilingual country and having a set language does not make sense.

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Which statement best describes how you feel? According to those who are in favor of making English our official language, it would unite Americans. Something so controversial should not be set in stone.

Circuit Court of Appeals found the Arizona law to violate free speech and ruled that a person's choice of language is a right to speech, " 'Speech in any language is still speech, and the decision to speak in another language is a decision involving speech alone,' Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote for the majority" First Amendment News Yes it never said that unity can create violence, but having English as an official language can lead to violence is not true.

And, further, should we even really care what they would have thought in making laws today? We need look no further than our neighbors to the north for evidence of what can happen without one: This brings another point: S is renowned for its ability to soak up people from countries from all over the world immigrants won't have any problem finding people that are just like them.

The first is that by forging resistance to languages other than English, English Only legislation undermines the country's commitment to the development of bilingual education programs. US Census Bureau English wants to reduce the teaching of bilingual education and replace it by teaching new immigrants instead.

Reflections on "English Only". The following are the newest proposals made by the th Congress thus far: Pending Legislation Pending legislation concerning English Only policies exist on both the state and federal level.Apr 12,  · If English will be an official language limited documents, pamphlets, and other materials will be available in English; however those who speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc., will need to request literature in their native language.

Should english be the official language of the world essay. Reducing pollution essay in english research paper editor general paper essays on sports research paper on investment decision pdf creator. Essays on persuasion speeches. Why English should be the official language of the United States Introduction The lobbying group known as U.S.

English has been dedicated in trying to make English the official language. Jun 22,  · Best Answer: Since our Founding, the language of America has been English. Immigrants built this Country, and learning English was a basic requirement to build a life.

To achieve citizenship, immigrants who come to our Country legally must be able to read and write the Constitution in Resolved. In this paper, I will argue out that English should be the official language of the United States. First, the adoption of English as the official language of the United States creates an ‘all American’ attitude among first, second and subsequent generations.

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Should English be the official language of America?

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Essay should english be official language of us
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